2020 Membership Dues Payment


2020 Membership Dues Payment


Information regarding the 2020 Membership Dues Payment.

Deadline: Member dues for 2020 are due on or before October 1, 2019. The deadline for dues is established by National, so it is very important that you submit your payment as soon as possible. There is a $10 late fee for payments made after the October 1st deadline.

Amount: The 2020 member dues are $63.50. The breakdown is: $42 National, $11 State, $8 Chapter, and $2.50 President General’s Project. There is a $2 convenience fee added for online payments.

Payment Instructions: To pay online, you must have or can create a PayPal account. Once you have a PayPal account, first add the 2020 Membership Dues Payment to your cart. Second, complete and submit the Membership Dues Form that pops up after adding the dues to your cart. Please only pay dues for one member at a time. Third, once you are ready to pay, go into your cart by selecting the black box in the upper right of your screen that says “cart”. Fourth, select checkout. Fifth, inset your payment information. Sixth, connect to your PayPal account by entering your account name and password when prompted. Lastly, submit your payment.

You can also submit your dues by completing the paper form below and mailing it with your payment to our Treasurer.

Select here to download the 2020 Membership Dues Paper Form.

Thank you!

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