Our History

The Red Rock Canyon Chapter of NSDAR was founded on June 23, 2014. Our 33 charter members named the chapter in honor of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is a 195,819 acre area offering breathtaking scenery, world class hiking, and numerous outdoor activities. Today our chapter has already grown to over 70 members.   

To be good, and do good, is the whole duty of man comprised in a few words.
— Abigail Adams

Our Founding Officers

  • Regent—Terry Rubenstein

  • Vice Regent—Gloria Aberman

  • Chaplain—Patricia Dell'aira

  • Recording Secretary—Rebecca Eisenman

  • Corresponding Secretary—Sherry Cravens

  • Treasurer—Jean Akers

  • Registrar—Martha Kader

  • Historian—Peggy McElrath

  • Librarian—Dr. Elizabeth deEtte Smythe

  • Parliamentarian—Martha Gordon

Our Current Officers

  • Regent—Susan Gormley

  • Vice Regent—Montyne Connolly

  • Chaplain—Christine Rawls

  • Recording Secretary—Keri Herlong

  • Corresponding Secretary—Katie Henzel

  • Treasurer—Candy Olson

  • Registrar—Pat Dell'aira

  • Historian—Gerry Barker

  • Librarian—Martha Kader

  • Parliamentarian—Kimberly Whitfield

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Our Patriots

A patriot is a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty to the cause of American independence, served as a sailor, or a soldier, or a civil officer in one of the several colonies or states, or in the united colonies or states, or who rendered material aid thereto.


  • Conrad Barnhart, PVT

  • Peter Bechtel, PS

  • Michael Best, PVT

  • George Bossart, PVT

  • John Byers, PVT

  • Jacob Fossbinner, PS, PVT

  • John Godshalk, PS, PVT

  • Peter Groff, LT

  • Jacob Haldeman, PVT

  • Daniel Hamsher, PVT

  • Ezekiel Hazel, PS

  • Andrew Hemphill, PVT

  • John Inyard, ENS

  • James Mcgrew, PS

  • Jacob Melott, PVT

  • Johann Conrad Menges, PS

  • Johann Christophel Moll, PS

  • Conrad Shissler, PVT

  • Peter Whitmore, Sr., PVT

  • William Willard, PVT

New Jersey

  • John Hayden, PVT

  • Joakim Quick, ENS

North Carolina

  • David Alderman, SOL

  • Mercy Raymond Bedford, PS

  • William Bird, PVT

  • John Bollinger, PS

  • Robert Browning, PVT

  • Thomas Carleton, PS

  • John Church, PS

  • John Deering, PS

  • John William Fulbright, PS

  • William Gannon, PVT

  • Richard Head, PVT

  • Robert Hendry, SOL

  • Michael Hoyle, PS

  • William Hurst, SOL

  • Eleanor Graves Kimbrough, PS

  • John Kimbrough, SOL

  • Coleman Nichols, PS

  • William Wallace, CS

  • Powell Riggins, PVT

  • Edward Trice, PS


  • Thomas Barker, PVT

  • William Bird, PVT

  • Jeremiah Burns,PVT

  • John Bush, PVT

  • Joseph Dameron, PVT

  • Ann Davenport Graves, PS

  • Nicholas Harper, PS

  • John Helm, LT

  • Benjamin Holliday, PS

  • Zacharias Holliday, NONCOM

  • William Homer, PS, PVT

  • William Hummer, PS, PVT

  • Philip Johnston, LCOL

  • Daniel Lyle, PS

  • John Mason, CS, PS

  • Zacquill Morgan, COL, PS

  • Isaac Morris, PVT

  • David Sewall, PS

  • Julius Sharp, PVT

  • James Stiff, PVT

  • Simon Taylor, CS PS


  • Frederick Rester, Sr., CAPT

  • James Wilson, SOL


  • William Beatty, COL

  • William Benjamin, PVT

  • Ephraim Cole, PVT

  • John Drake, PVT

  • Nicholas Harper, PS

  • Isaac Horton, PVT

  • Benjamin Mastick PVT

  • Daniel Packard, PVT

  • Benjamin Jones, PVT

  • Joshua Lincoln, CPL

  • Moses Peabody, CS

  • Barnabas Shurtleff, PVT

  • Samuel Stapels, PVT

  • Joseph Sterling, CS

  • Lemuel Stewart, CAPT

  • John Ware, CPL

  • Scottoway Whitcomb, LT, QM

  • Benjamin White, PVT

  • Ivory Witt, PVT


  • Pelatiah Bliss, Jr., PVT

New York

  • Gilbert Adams, PVT

  • Matthew Adgate, Jr., PS

  • Samuel Andrews, PS, PVT

  • Christian Crist, PVT

  • Peter Degarmo, SOL

  • Jenks Dickinson, PVT

  • Samuel Dodge, CS, PS

  • Elisha Gilbert, Jr., CAPT

  • Nicholas Power, PS

  • Moses Rumsey, PVT

  • Johannes Wilhelm Seeber, LCOL, PS

  • Johannes Jacob Vrooman, PVT

*CS-Civil Servant
*LCOL-Lieutenant Colonel
*PS-Patriotic Service
*NONCOM-Non-commisioned officer
*QM-Quarter Master


  • Samuel Andrews, PS, PVT

  • Samuel Bement, PS

  • Joseph Cornish, PVT

  • Matthew Dorr, Sr, CAPT

  • David Thompson, DRM

  • Walter Wilmot, PS, PVT

New Hampshire

  • Timothy Clement, CAPT

  • Eliphalet Gilman, PS

  • John Griggs, PS CAPT

  • Moses Kimball, NONCOM

  • Seth Heaton, PS

  • Ephraim Patterson, PS, LT

  • John Patterson, CS

  • John Griggs, CAPT PS

  • Seth Heaton, PS

Rhode Island

  • John Spencer, PVT

  • Isaac Cook, CAPT



South Carolina

  • John Spencer, PVT

  • Isaac Cook, CAPT

  • Thomas Blassingame, CAPT, CS

  • William Boyd, PVT

  • John Hall, SOL, CS

  • Charles Hamilton, SOL

  • William Lewis, PVT

  • John De La B. Treville, CAPT

  • Lott Warren, PVT